BlackBerry Z10 will cost £480 SIM-free, CPW leak says

The first handset to run BB10 will be £30 cheaper than an iPhone 5 if bought SIM-free, according to the Carphone Warehouse database.

A price has popped up for one of the first handsets to arrive running RIM's BB10 operating system. The Z10 will cost £479.95 SIM-free, according to what seems to be a leak from the Carphone Warehouse database, Engadget reports.

The product code BLAZ10WHI matches a previous leak from the high street giant. If correct, it's £30 cheaper than a 16GB SIM-free iPhone 5.

We shouldn't have long to wait to find out if this is correct -- RIM is set to unveil BB10 on Wednesday, at an event in New York. The touchscreen Z10 will be joined by the X10 , which will have a keyboard, so should satisfy anyone jonesing for a hit of good old fashioned BlackBerry typing.

The Z10 has a slightly larger screen than the iPhone 5 -- if the leaked specs are anything to go by -- being 4.2 inches across, and with a higher pixel-per-inch count too (355, to the iPhone's 326). It could well be a worthy contender, though how good the device is depends on the operating system, of course.

Inside the Z10 is 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of memory.

BB10 should have " tens of thousands of apps " when it launches, if one RIM exec is to be believed, and they should span more categories than ever. RIM has changed the name of BlackBerry AppWorld to just BlackBerry World, so expect more games, movies and TV shows than ever before. BB10 could also be seen on rival manufacturers' devices, if RIM licenses it as it says it might.

Competition is good for everyone in the world of mobiles, so I hope BB10 can turn around RIM's fortunes. With Apple and Samsung so dominant, it'd be good to see RIM rise again like a Phoenix from the flames. Roll on Wednesday.

Are you looking forward to BB10? What features would you like to see? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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