BlackBerry service recovering after meltdown--as are CrackBerry addicts

The BlackBerry e-mail service experiences a shutdown in North America; service has returned, but problems remain.

RIM BlackBerry 8800
All over North America, BlackBerry thumbs are left with nothing to do CNET Networks

Oh boy, we've got a BlackBerry down, many BlackBerrys down, in fact. Last night, Research In Motion experienced a widespread system failure that interrupted e-mail delivery to all BlackBerrys in North America. According to the company, the root cause of the meltdown is still under review, but the network is back up and running. Unfortunately, message delivery seems to be due to the backlog of e-mail in the system.

Check out CNET's story for more details, and please feel free to exercise your BlackBerry thumbs to share your stories and gripes with us.

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