BlackBerry Q10 landing on Verizon June 6

It's official -- the Q10 will land on the Big Red next week.

BlackBerry Q10
The BlackBerry Q10 hits Verizon June 6th. Verizon Wireless

Not to be outdone by T-Mobile , Verizon sets June 6 as the launch date for the BlackBerry Q10 . Priced at $199.99, the long-anticipated device features a superbly crafted physical keyboard plus the latest BlackBerry 10 software.

Verizon is now taking preorders for the Q10 and expects to stock its store shelves with the phone by June 6. This development will no doubt come as welcome news for the BlackBerry faithful. Many in this camp are zealously addicted to typing on real keys and poo-poo messaging via touch screen.

And what a keyboard the BlackBerry Q10 sports. Based on the legendary keyboard that graced the BlackBerry Bold, the Q10 offers the same expertly chiseled keys but now 30 percent larger. I found that it makes a big difference, resulting in the best phone-based QWERTY typing experience available.

As we learned at CTIA last week in Las Vegas, Verizon will sell an exclusive white version of the BlackBerry Q10 in addition to the more traditional boardroom-friendly black. The device will also connect to Verizon's 4G LTE network for swift data access.

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