BlackBerry Pearls are red, Crave is blue...

According to reports, there is a red BlackBerry Pearl coming to Cingular's lineup soon.

BlackBerry Pearl Red
Where are my shades? RIM BlackBerry Pearl Red Gizmodo

Because we're not huge fans of the blinding color, how about you? All right, poets we are not and this isn't the real BlackBerry Pearl Red (just a mock-up). But, according to the latest report from Engadget Mobile, such a device appears to be Cingular-bound. Perhaps taking a page from the LG Chocolate and all of its colored variations, RIM seems to be trying to get the most out of its popular messaging device with minimal effort; the BlackBerry Pearl is already available in black and white. No official word on availability and pricing, though we figure (or hope) it will be similar to the current going rate ($199.99 with a two-year contract). Hey Cravers, just out of curiosity, if you could design the next Pearl, which color would you choose?

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