BlackBerry 10 device appears at FCC

A new BlackBerry 10 product, model RFH121LW, has arrived at the FCC.

The BlackBerry model RFH121LW lands at the FCC. Engadget

In case you needed more clues that RIM's latest handsets based on the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 software are really just around the corner, you've got it. A new device, referred to as model RFH121LW, has now shown up within the FCC's official database. Tech site Engadget noticed RIM's mysterious gadget, along with another product called the RFF91LW which reportedly is cleared to operate on AT&T's LTE and GSM airwaves.

Details for the latest RFH121LW handset -- I assume it is a phone though a new tablet isn't a completely ridiculous notion (close but not quite) -- are non existent. There are no photos, specs, or network connections the device uses. Could it be the rumored BlackBerry Z10 or perhaps the BlackBerry 10L ?

Unless another big leak occurs, we'll all have to sit tight until RIM's official BlackBerry 10 launch event in New York on January 30 . You can bet I'll be there in person to find out and see for myself.

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