Biometric bridal bouquet changes color for mood

A blue LED glows when the wearer is calm but a white one turns on when the nerves or excitement kick in. But that's not all the geekery this couple added to their wedding.


The electrode-equipped Galvanic Skin Response bouquet doesn't give the couple much question about wearing their hearts on their sleeves: a blue LED glows when they're calm but a white one turns on when the nerves or excitement kick in. But that's not all.

The bride and the groom--who met, appropriately, working on a corset that tightens with heart rate--implemented a variety of biofeedback gear to datalog their big day.

The bouquet of white flowers is attached to two electrodes, one worn on the bride's wedding ring finger, natch, via velcro strap, and the other in a wristband strapped to the groom. The information on their nerves, as well as their heartbeats, is recorded throughout the wedding on a 1GB SD card in the base of the bouquet.

As part of what they called "Project Cold Feet," the bride and groom are also equipped with devices to track them via infrared, so they can later check how often they were by one another's side throughout the day. I think a photo album will do just fine for me.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo.

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