Bing updates its movie search

Bing's movie search now lets you see all the local theaters playing your flick pick and offers trailers and reviews to help you decide if it's worth seeing.


Those of you planning to catch a film this holiday weekend may want to check out the latest changes at Bing Movies.

The search engine's movie site has updated its lineup with some new features to help you decide what you want to see.

Users can now more easily see all the local theaters showing a particular picture rather than bouncing from one venue's site to another. Just search for or click on a title like the latest Harry Potter movie, and Bing lists all the theaters in your area where it's playing along with their showtimes and driving distances.

A new trailers page provides a host of clips, previews, and interviews on new movies. You can watch each video full screen and share it with other people via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Bing now combines a variety of reviews on each film from both the critics and other users, giving you one page where you can decide if the movie is worth your hard-earned dough.

Finally, the Bing Movie home page ties all the new features together nicely, providing a single spot where you can view trailers, read a synopsis, and check out local show times.

Bing's revamped movie page is now similar to the one offered by Google. Searching for a movie at Google also shows you local show times, links to reviews, and a video of the movie's trailer all in one spot. But Bing offers a greater variety and number of reviews and a wider selection of trailers and other clips.

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