Big Open Source panel in Santa Clara on November 27

Big Open Source panel in Santa Clara on November 27

I am low-man on the totem pole at this panel next week: Open Source Software - Can't We All Just Get Along? which features something very unique to most similar discussions--big dogs OSS users from E*Trade and JP Morgan.

In just a few years, open source has fully established itself as a part of the software ecosystem. It is no longer a question of if, but how open source affects enterprises. There is now enough open source running through enterprises such that interoperability and management are forefront issues. And as open source moves up from infrastructure to applications, stack supportability becomes a driver.

Roger Burkhardt President & CEO,Ingres

Paul Doscher President & CEO, JasperSoft
Adrian Kunzle MD, Head of IB Architecture, JPMorgan Chase
Dave Rosenberg CEO & Co-founder, MuleSource
Paul Santinelli, North Bridge Venture Partners
Lee Thompson VP & Chief Technologist, E*Trade Financial
Robin Vasan Managing Director, Mayfield Fund

About the author

Dave Rosenberg has more than 15 years of technology and marketing experience that spans from Bell Labs to startup IPOs to open-source and cloud software companies. He is CEO and founder of Nodeable, co-founder of MuleSoft, and managing director for Hardy Way. He is an adviser to DataStax, IT Database, and Puppet Labs.


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