<b>Grammarian and CopyPaste conflicts reported

Grammarian and CopyPaste conflicts reported

Based on several reader reports, Casady & Greene's just released Grammarian has some conflicts with CopyPaste 4.1.1.

Jaddie Dodd writes: "Specifically, what happens is nothing; that is, until you go back to the Grammarian Finder menu to reselect 'Check All Grammar.' Until you select this command a second time, the only thing that happens is that all of your text becomes selected. But once you select 'Check All Grammar' a second time, the CopyPaste palette appears. Changing the load order of CopyPaste did not help."

Gary Brown writes: "When attempting to get Grammarian's window when clicking on its icon in the menu bar, the CopyPaste palette comes up instead. A temporary work-around appears to be to hold down the Shift or Command key (and I suspect the Option or Control key). This will prevent the CopyPaste palette from coming up and bring up the Grammarian window."


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