<b>Foam strips for the PowerBook 3400: a follow-up

Foam strips for the PowerBook 3400: a follow-up

Regarding the need for a foam strip to help hold RAM in place in a PowerBook 3400 (as mentioned last time), Mark Garza reports additional information based on his discussions with Apple Service Provider Support and Techworks Technical Support:

"Currently some PB 3400s have a problem with their RAM cards becoming unseated. This is due to slight pressuring from the keyboard use. The initial non-commissioned Apple resolution to this problem was attaching a foam strip to the RAM card. Most vendors started to proactively make this adjustment. However, Apple deemed this measure inappropriate. Apple decided to endorse a method where the strip would adhere to the bottom of the keyboard. Currently there is no listed part in Apple Order/Apple Service for such a part or repair. OEM manufactured strips found as a substitute will void Apple's warranty. The clincher is Apple will not be able to properly facilitate this repair until a month from now. Note: all new shipments of 3400s do not have this problem."


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