Beyond Binary on vacation

With Microsoft and Yahoo taking their sweet time deciding whether to befriend each other,'s Ina Fried is trying to ensure something will happen in the next 10 days--she's going on vacation.

Updated 5 p.m. PDT Tuesday to correct the month of vacation.

OK, I'm doing what I can to speed along discussions between Microsoft and Yahoo. I'm taking a vacation.

Ordinarily, me leaving the country would be a sure sign that something would happen. Indeed, as soon as I hopped on a plane to Colombia last month, Microsoft issued its three-week ultimatum to Yahoo.

The question here is whether Murphy's law is stronger than Jerry Yang's desire to stay independent. And, since I know companies, like reporters, respond best to a deadline, I'll be back in the country June 8 and back in the office June 12.

Rest assured, that if something does happen while I am exploring sunny Toronto (or rainy Toronto), my colleagues will make sure you don't miss a beat.

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