Best way to grill a steak without leaving your house

The Hamilton Beach Searing Grill allows you to grill your steaks indoors and gives you 500 degrees of heat to lock in all that flavor

Look at those grill marks. Hamilton Beach

Now that we've reached the midst of the barbecue season, it's time to stoke the coals, find your favorite apron, and if you're like me, go inside because you can't stop sneezing on the steaks. Thanks to hay fever, I end up throwing away more steaks than I eat because nobody likes the salty flavor of mucus as they bite into their filet. Hamilton Beach understands, and the company is here to help with 500 degrees of goodness.

Hamilton Beach showed off the latest way to grill steaks in the comfort of your home at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago in April. Putting a certain professional boxer's grill to shame, the grill uses searing 500-degree heat to allow you to lock in all the flavor of everyone's favorite meat. The surface pattern on the grill gives it that authentic steakhouse look, grill marks and all. It also features a 100-square-inch cook space and a floating hinge to grill up that old 96er you've stored in your freezer for the past 5 years. The hinge allows you to fit in food of any thickness, according to Hamilton Beach, so your food won't end up crushed and distorted.

If you're the type of person who can get by on more than just red meat, the grill is also perfect for vegetables, fish, and anything else you'd like to have grill marks on. Use your imagination. Then when your appetite is sated and you're ready to clean up your mess, the grill is coated in a nonstick material for easy cleaning and a dishwasher safe drip tray.

If the idea of being able to grill a 50-inch-thick hamburger hasn't won you over, the grill is priced at a mere $79.99. Now you can finally afford the $100 porterhouse you've been eyeing at that high-end grocery store you frequent.

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