Best tablets with cell service

No Wi-Fi? No problem. These 4G-enabled tablets can access the web on the go.

Did you ever have that one friend in high school who had a car and could (legally) drive you and your friends everywhere? Having a tablet with cellular service is like that friend.

If you take your tablet outside the comfort of your own Wi-Fi network, you know what it's like to be at the mercy of whatever public Wi-Fi is available. Subscribing for cellular service on your phone is a no-brainer, but having the option on your tablet can be nearly as useful and convenient, especially if you use your tablet out and about a lot.

Here are some of the best tablets with cellular service on the market. Some carriers offer options like shared data plans for multiple devices or long-term contracts that sometimes include discounts. However, this post focuses on tablets with LTE capabilities -- not carriers or plans. Since pricing and availability depends on your location, visit your carrier's website or local store for more information on all data plans.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 duo are two of the sleekest Android tablets on the market.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

It's OK to admit it. Do you just want a tablet to Netflix and chill anywhere you go? If so, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is right up your alley. It has one of the best screens on a tablet, with a sharp resolution and vivid color, and it dons a svelte design that's both compact and stylish. There is a small 8-inch model as well as a larger 9.7-inch version available.

A tablet that complements your iPhone.

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Apple iPad

When you think of a tablet, you probably envision an Apple iPad. It's arguably the most popular kind of tablet around, and there are multiple models with LTE capabilities that almost every major carrier offers. If you already use an iPhone it's a breeze to adapt to and you can choose between the iPad Mini 2, Mini 4, Air 2, Pro 9.7 and Pro 12.9.

Amazon's fastest tablet is also its only LTE option.

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Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

Amazon's name might not pop up while you're thinking about tablets, but they have a pretty decent selection, especially if you're on a budget.. The most high-end model is the Fire HDX 8.9. It has a slim, lightweight design, a sharp screen and a speedy processor. It's the only Amazon tablet with LTE.

The Samsung View is one of the biggest tablets we've seen.

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Samsung Galaxy View

If a TV and a tablet had a baby, it would look like the Samsung View. The 18.4-inch tablet has a big, bright screen that's prime for binge-watching TV, and it has built-in handle to carry it around -- in case you're taking it with camping or something. Verizon and AT&T currently offer the awkwardly huge tablet, and it's also available as a Wi-Fi-only model.


One of the best budget tablets.

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Asus ZenPad Z8

You don't need to pay an arm and a leg to get a tablet with LTE. This attractively affordable Android tablet is perfectly compact for taking to go, but it's only available through Verizon. It's sharp, colorful screen is great for watching video, and with LTE in tow, you can stream your favorite Netflix series wherever you go.

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