Best-sounding iPod boombox on sale for $210

Harman/Kardon's high-end Go+Play iPod boombox is being heavily discounted on Amazon.

Photo of Harman/Kardon Go+Play iPod boombox.
The Harman/Kardon Go+Play is one of the best-sounding portable iPod speakers we've tested, and it's on clearance. CBS Interactive

It may be over 2 years old, but Harman/Kardon's Go+Play is still one of the best-sounding portable iPod speaker systems money can buy. Unfortunately, the $350 price tag has kept this luxury boombox far out of reach for much people--that is, until now.

Amazon slashed $140 off the Go+Play's price Friday, putting the oldie-but-goodie down to an affordable $210 (also available as a refurb, should the sale expire).

Realize that this is an older iPod accessory, and today's iPhones, Nanos, and iPod Touches might not charge or fit properly in the dock. It's more than likely that the reason for this sale is to blow out old stock to make room for an updated model with improved device compatibility.

Still, if you're hanging onto an older iPod (even a recent iPod Classic will work), this thing sounds fantastic! It eats Bose SoundDocks for breakfast.

To find out more on the Harman/Kardon's Go+Play, check out our full review.

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