Best of the best from this year in Crave

The team behind CNET's Crave blog spent 2012 tackling the brilliant, inspiring, stupid, and wacky sides of technology. Check out some of Crave's greatest hits of the year.

What's your favorite Crave story from the last year? Image by Christopher MacManus

It's been an eventful year here at Crave, what with the discovery of Dungeons & Dragons dice from the Ptolemaic Period ; the strange tail of the robotic butt ; a ship that flips over on purpose , and cow lady-parts that text farmers when it's time for a booty call.

Our retrospective gallery below gives you just a small sense of the mind-bending stories we encountered in our 2012 travels. Among the stories that grabbed your attention most (as judged by traffic and reader comments), we've got jaunts to remote geeky destinations in New Mexico, a trip aboard a giant Lego spaceship, and a look at a zombie-proof safe house.

Moving forward, the future of Crave looks brighter than ever, and the Crave team is excited to take on more challenges in the coming year and beyond. Aside from our daily features, be sure to check out our exclusive weekly enjoyments: Crave's resurrected video podcast starring Stephen Beacham; our brilliant comic Low Latency by Blake Stevenson and Jeff Bakalar; and our awesome weekly Crave product giveaways.

Happy and healthy holidays to all our readers who ride the Crave train, and as always, we welcome your feedback at crave at cnet dot com.

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Crave contributor Christopher MacManus regularly spends his time exploring the latest in science, gaming, and geek culture -- aiming to provide a fun and informative look at some of the most marvelous subjects from around the world.

Leslie Katz

Leslie Katz, Crave's senior editor, heads up a team that covers the most crushworthy (and wackiest) tech, science, and culture around. As a co-host of the now-retired CNET News Daily Podcast, she was sometimes known to channel Terry Gross and still uses her trained "podcast voice" to bully the speech recognition software on automated customer service lines. E-mail Leslie. See full bio


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