Best Kindle Fire cases and covers

Looking for a new case for your Amazon Kindle Fire? Here are CNET's top picks for Kindle Fire cases and covers.

STM's $30 Skinny case has just started shipping to retailers. STM

Like the e-ink Kindles and iPads before it, Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet has launched a cottage industry of cases and covers.

In trying to boil down the best of what's currently out there, I decided to take a stand -- so to speak -- and select mostly cases and covers that convert into a stand. Why'd I do that? Well, since the Kindle Fire is not just an e-reader but a "media" tablet, you really want to have the option of propping it up to watch video. Thus, the need for a built-in stand.

Of course, when it comes to protective covers, personal taste is a big factor, and we may have missed a few that you think should have been included. We'll be updating this list as more products arrive (we expect several more cases to be released shortly), so feel free to make any suggestions or criticize our picks in the comments section below.

Click on any image below to start the slideshow. Products are listed in alphabetical order.

Update, June 11: Added M-Edge Trench Runner, Monoprice Folio Cover, Us+U Swivel ProFolio.

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