Best iPod/iPhone speakers for under $100

We've rounded up the best budget iPod/iPhone speaker systems that CNET's reviewed in the last year.

I know, I know, a lot of you don't want to spend a whole lot on an iPod/iPhone speaker system--because you've told me. But you do want something that sounds half decent and has a nice design (you've also told me that). Which is why I've gone ahead and put together this little roundup. These compact systems may not offer the best sound in the world--after all, you shouldn't expect too much from a budget iPod speaker--but they do have some nice qualities. Better yet, a couple can even be had for less than $50.

Note: While we couldn't include our Editors' Choice Logitech S715i as part this roundup, it's worth noting that it only costs about $120. So, if you're willing to stretch a little, check out that model as well.

Click below to see the full comparison chart with prices:

Best iPod/iPhone speakers for under $100

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