Best Buy sale trims price on cellular iPads

Good through Saturday, a new Best Buy sale cuts the price, and potentially the subscription costs, of a cellular iPad.

Apple's iPad Air.
Apple's iPad Air. Josh Miller/CNET

Consumers looking for a 3G or 4G iPad can save some cash via Best Buy.

Starting Wednesday and running through Saturday, the retailer's latest sale brings down the cost of a cellular iPad to that of a Wi-Fi model. The details of the sale are tricky, but here's how it all plays out.

Buy any cellular model iPad at Best Buy, and you instantly get a $30 discount. Activate the tablet and data plan in the store, and you save an additional $100 off the price at checkout. Further, the usual activation fee of $35 is waived. Activate the iPad with AT&T or Verizon, and you receive a $100 bill credit to help you pay off the monthly data cost.

Each model iPad also carries its own discount.

iPad 2 buyers can save an additional $100. iPad Air buyers can save $20 on the 16GB version, $30 on the 32GB model, $40 on the 64GB edition, and $50 on the 128GB version.

Opt for the original iPad Mini, and you cut the final cost by $10. Go for an iPad Mini with Retina, and you save $20 on the 16GB version and $30 on all the other versions.

Got all that? If not, here's an example provided by Best Buy:

You buy a 32GB iPad Mini with Retina, which retails for $630. You get a $30 instant saving for buying a cellular iPad. You shave another $100 off the price and avoid the usual $35 activation fee by activating the iPad in the store. You cut the final price by another $30 by picking this particular model. And you get a $100 bill credit if you active the table with AT&T or Verizon.

Final cost of that 32GB iPad Mini with Retina is...$470, not counting the waived activation fee and bill credit.

Certain iPads are currently on sale through Best Buy's Web site. But you'll need to visit your local BB outlet to seal this latest deal.

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