Best Buy offers iPhone 3GS for free--for a day

If you think $49 was too much for the older iPhone, does free get your attention? If so, Best Buy would like to see you today.

iPhone 3GS
If you don't mind being behind the curve, you could get one of these for free, today anyway. CNET

The iPhone 3GS just got better--for the moment, anyway. Best Buy is offering a free 8GB version of the one-rev-back iPhone model with a two-year AT&T contract. Clearly we're in the iPhone 5 rollout zone.

The offer's only good for one day--today, Monday, August 22--and it's only available in-store at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile. But I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be the start of a trend.

Analysts have recently been predicting that the 3GS price would drop from $49 to $0 and the 16GB iPhone 4 from $199 to $99 when the iPhone 5 is officially announced.

According to analyst predictions, free iPhone 3GSes could more than double the number of iPhone users worldwide from an estimated 64 million to 150 milllion. A Touchpad firesale this ain't.

So, is free (with contract) cheap enough for a phone that's soon to be two revs old? Buying a 3GS was questionable at $49. Free seems like a pretty good deal.

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