Belkin GoStudio is professional and a good value

Donald Bell reviews the Belkin GoStudio portable recorder accessory for the Apple iPod.

Photo of Belkin GoStudio iPod recorder.
The Belkin GoStudio transforms your iPod into a full-featured stereo audio recorder. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

The Belkin GoStudio is one of the more professional audio recording accessories we've seen for the iPod. At around $120, it's also one of the cheapest ways to make uncompressed stereo recordings--period. Last week, we put the GoStudio through its paces by recording everything we could think of (piano, bad karaoke, street sounds, electric guitar, drippy faucets, old records, barking dogs) with its impressive combination of XLR, minijack, and 1/4-inch inputs, as well as its own built-in stereo microphones.

The verdict? You'll just have to read our full review to see if the Belkin GoStudio is right for you.

Read the full CNET review of the Belkin GoStudio.

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