Because you know you want a wall of plants

Swedish 'urban civilization' company debuts the Plantwall


Eco-chic blog Inhabitat has introduced us to the Plantwall, the latest offering from Swedish "urban cultivation" company Green Fortune. (Something like this just had to come out of Scandinavia.) It is indeed a wall of plants. But before you say, "Hey, I could make that myself with some ivy and chicken wire," get this: The Plantwall is not only watered by drip irrigation, but a four-layer textile system provides fertilizer and keeps moisture from straying away from the wall. Try asking for that at Home Depot.

Currently, the Plantwall is only installed in one location, the Stockholm retail store shown in the picture. But Green Fortune hasn't ruled out the possibility of marketing to residences as well. Wouldn't it look nice next to your living room couch?

(Photo: Inhabitat)

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