<b>c. Power Mac 8500 cannot install Mac OS 7.6?

c. Power Mac 8500 cannot install Mac OS 7.6?

The May 21 Info Alley (and TIL file #24012) reports on an unusual problem where Mac OS 7.6 will not install on a Power Mac 8500 (especially ones that are upgrades from a 8100 or Quadra 800), claiming that it is an "unknown system." Apple says is has to do with an "LED cable connected to your logic board may have a jumper in it..." Check the article for more details, if you appear to have this problem.

d. More Info Alley reports The May 22 Info Alley describes: (1) why Apple Menu Options doesn't always add a document you open to its Recent Documents folder and (2) a cosmetic bug where Apple Printer Utility 2.1.1 will incorrectly show a negative amount of RAM for a Color LaserWriter 12/6xx with a large amount of RAM.

e. Newton spin-off Apple is making its Newton division a separate subsidiary. An Apple press release and a MacWEEK article have the details.


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