<b>c. And yet more problems

c. And yet more problems

Steve Zaplachinski reports an even more serious problem getting his PowerBase 180 to startup after installing the L2 cache fix: the Mac would never get past the blinking question mark - but only on warm restarts. It is not an extension conflict (see also a previous item).

And in still another startup delay problem, several readers have noted that installing the L2 Cache Reset extension, while it works in general, did not solve the long time it takes for their Mac to go through its startup routines. Assuming this is not due to a Disk Cache reset (mentioned here before), my guess (I have no official word on this) is that the extension obviously cannot improve speed until after it loads; so there are still L2-cache-related slow-downs prior to that point.

Usual caveat: Not all users are reporting these problems. As with the original L2 cache problem, they are likely to be specific to certain Mac models and/or software configurations. There are still many uncertainties here. Stay tuned.


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