BBC screens Olympics in 8K clarity

Engadget manages to catch an 8K Olympics screening in London and comes away impressed with the sights and sounds.


The U.K. public probably had its first encounter with 8K display technology thanks to recent screenings of the London Olympics at BBC's Broadcasting House. Engadget described the overall positive experience as akin to "looking through a window directly onto the Olympic Stadium."

The article added that even the tiniest figures in the larger-than-life projection appeared totally vivid and sharp, while the 60-frame-per-second footage was both artifact- and flicker-free.

A companion 22.2-channel speaker system also provided an immersive sound field, which seemed to have impressed Engadget, too, as "it was impossible to tell whether the people sitting behind us were clapping or if it was actually someone in the Aquatics Center."

We are not the very least surprised by these accolades after auditing an early 8K demonstration by Japan-based company NHK back in CommunicAsia 2008.

According to BBC's project head, Tim Plyming, "8K is the maximum the human eyes can understand and it is the end of the resolution story." Do you agree with him?

(Source: Crave Asia)

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