Battling the creepy-crawly Skitterbot Army

The first time we spotted the six-legged robotic insect Skitterbot, we were a little creeped out. Now we think they're kind of fun.


The first time we spotted the six-legged robotic insect Skitterbot, we were a bit creeped out. However, after going head-to-head with the Skitterbot Army, we think that the little bots are kind of fun.

The aptly named Skitterbots are tiny botlike toys that can be made to skitter around in fun and quirky ways as you control them with a USB remote. They travel at a speed of a foot per second and have been dubbed the fastest-legged microrobotic bugs commercially available.

Skitterbots come in different colors, each with a different frequency, to allow for a range of movements. They resemble giant cockroaches with glowing geometric bodies, tiny legs, and maniacally flashing eyes. Most importantly, they can be made to battle each other. Robowar!

The price tag is reasonable, at $19.99 (Toys "R" Us or RadioShack), and a 30-minute battery charge will get you 15 minutes of frenetic play and freaking out of your bug-hating friends. See some Skitterbots in action in the video above.

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