BASF, Philips shine light on OLED car roof concept

Using OLED technology, BASF and Philips imagine car roofs will be a source of light during the day and night.


BASF and Philips are giving new meaning to the term sun roof.

The two companies joined forces to come up with a prototype for a transparent car roof that incorporates OLED lights and solar cells.

"This combination allows the driver to enjoy a unique open-space feeling while it generates electricity during the day and pleasantly suffuses the interior with the warm light of the transparent, highly efficient OLEDs at night," said Felix Gorth, head of organic light-emitting diodes and organic photovoltaics at BASF Future Business GmbH.

When switched off, the OLEDs are transparent, allowing for rays of sunshine to fill your car. All the while, the solar cells are collecting energy that can later be used to provide light to the interior of your vehicle at night.

Working together since 2006, BASF and Philips are looking for new ways to use OLED technology to enhance our everyday lives, and not just for making awesome TV s.

(Via The Verge)

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