Barnes & Noble's 'color' e-book reader photos leaked

The upcoming gadget, likely to be formally introduced next week, reportedly has an e-ink display, multitouch color display, and a built-in light, per Gizmodo.


Ever since word got out that Barnes & Noble was set to announce its own e-book reader next week, the rumors have been flying, with lots of whispers that the gadget might just have a color display. Well, it appears those rumors are valid, with one big caveat: the upcoming eBook (as it appears to be called) apparently has a standard, 800x600 6-inch monochrome e-ink display along with a multitouch 480x144-pixel color LCD that's designed for browsing book covers and perhaps other content, according to Gizmodo. That second display also would transform into a virtual keyboard.

Those waiting for a full color e-reader may be disappointed, but we have to say this seems to be an interesting hybrid solution that would take advantage of e-ink's strengths (excellent battery life, no eye-strain while reading) while giving users a zippier interface to access content (yes, the device is said to have a wireless 3G connection, though no carrier has been announced). On top of all that, this e-reader apparently has a light built into the top of the unit, so you can read in poorly lit environments.

This is shaping up to be a very interesting device and we look forward to seeing it in person next week. While no price has been announced, word is that B&N plans to undercut the price of the Amazon Kindle--but we'll believe it when we see it.

So, would this be a Kindle killer or what? As always, feel free to comment.

(Via Gizmodo)

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