Bar2D2 is the life of the party

Meet the bartending robot, Bar2D2, the radio-controlled drink dispenser.

Meet the bartending robot, Bar2D2, the radio controlled drink dispenser. Jamie Price

If you want to be the life of the party, it turns out you're better suited if you happen not to be alive at all. Case in point: Bar2D2. This non-sentient bartender-bot certainly seems to be the life of the party in this Flickr photostream.

Designed and constructed by Jamie Price, the radio-controlled bartender/bar was unleashed on the crowd at the recent ArcAttack Mad Scientist Ball. Far from an unwelcome robotic intrusion, Bar2D2 made friends with everybody from Darth Vader to Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street at the Sci-fi-themed convention.

And who wouldn't want Bar2D2 unleashed among them? Bearing good will gifts of alcohol, the drink droid includes a carousel that holds six bottles. Bar2D2 not only handles mixed drinks, but also comes equipped with a beer dispenser. Need a canned mixer, such as Coke or Red Bull instead? Bar2D2 has you covered, with a lower cooler drawer incorporated right into its base.

This is just the beginning for Bar2D2, as the designer has plans for future versions. Considering how awesome this first iteration looks, I hope a major manufacturer picks it up. With your own Bar2D2 in tow, you are to sure to be a hit at any party you attend.

(Via Hack a Day)

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