<b>Apple's &quot;extended warranty&quot; for MultiScan 15 monitors: reality or illusion?

Apple's &quot;extended warranty&quot; for MultiScan 15 monitors: reality or illusion?

I remain convinced of the reliability of the initial reports I received of an extended warranty for Apple MultiScan 15 monitors (for certain color/tint problems) - although it is possible that Apple might have since changed their policy. Additionally, I have received several dozen emails from readers thanking me for alerting them to this issue; they claimed to have subsequently called Apple and received a free monitor replacement or repair. Last Friday, I reported that a reader received an invoice for his free repair that even had the phrase "extended the warranty" printed on it.

Despite all this, I continue to get reports from readers who claim that Apple Tech Support tells them that they are unaware of any such extended warranty. A couple of service techs have similarly claimed that they have not been informed of any such program.

I have no explanation for this - other than that Apple seems to be incredibly inconsistent in handling this issue.


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