<b>Apple confirms RAM disk related shut down freeze in 7.6.1

Apple confirms RAM disk related shut down freeze in 7.6.1

Responding to a query on their Discussion boards that asked about an item previously mentioned here describing a shut down freeze that appeared linked to the presence of a RAM disk in Mac OS 7.6.1, Apple wrote:

"Yes, we have already seen this, investigated, and verified it. It only occurs on 680x0 computers, and currently we are determining if we can get a fix for it before Mac OS 8.0. The engineers say they have already fixed it in Mac OS 8.0, but no word yet on a patch before that time.

Your choices currently are to do without a RAM disk, or revert to Mac OS 7.6. The hang does occur late enough in the shutdown process that it is safe to turn off your computer."

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