Banthapug dog invades 'Star Wars' universe, drools on it

The Wampug strikes back with a new costume that finally answers the question, "What happens if you cross a Bantha with a dog?"

Chubbs terrorizes Tatooine. Star Wars Chick

Last year, Chubbs the pug charmed the world of "Star Wars" fandom with a ridiculously adorable Wampug costume. In a bold effort to top that triumph, Chubbs got a new look for Halloween this year: the Banthapug.

Banthas are known for their shaggy fur, long tails, and arching horns. On Tatooine, they grow to be the size of elephants. The Banthapug cross-breed, however, only grows to be the size of a small dog.

Chubbs' owner goes by the appropriate online handle of Star Wars Chick. When the pug isn't involved in "Star Wars" cosplay, she works as the mascot for Stockton Hill Animal Hospital in Kingman, Ariz.

The Banthapug has been sighted in the wild, carrying a Tusken raider on its back through the barren desert of Tatooine, dragging its fluffy tail behind it. Though the beast is meant to strike fear in the hearts of its foes, it actually inspires cooing noises and the giving of Snausages from all who behold it.

(Via Obvious Winner)

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