Bang & Olufsen and Mercedes-AMG make beautiful music

Bang & Olufsen, provider of high quality audio and video products, has signed an agreement with Mercedes-AMG, the performance division of Mercedes-Benz Cars, for a unique sound system.

Bang & Olufsen, a provider of high-quality audio and video products, has signed an agreement with Mercedes-Benz Cars to develop a premium sound system for Mercedes' AMG performance division. This would make Mercedes AMG the third major automaker, behind Audi and Aston Martin, to partner with the audio components provider.

A few weeks ago, we saw (or rather, heard) what Bang & Olufsen can bring to a vehicle's audio experience when we test drove the Audi A8 L W12. We also heard the kind of sounds Mercedes AMG is making under the hood of its vehicles when we judged the C63 AMG during last week's Car Tech Sound-Off. So we're hoping that sweet engine notes plus beautiful musical notes equal an enthusiast's symphony!

Neither Bang & Olufsen or Mercedes-AMG have stated when we can expect to see the new audio systems in vehicles.


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