Band plays track with just iPhones and iPod touches

An all-female band called The Mentalists posts a music video in which all the instruments are simulations created via iPhone apps.

You either like the MGMT track "Kids" or you don't.

The question is: will you like The Mentalists' version, which is played not using instruments, but entirely on iPhones and iPod Touches.

The all-female band downloaded applications from the iPhone App Store and played as if they were deaf to tradition.

Among the downloads was the Ocarina app, which lets you mimic the sound of a flute. They also downloaded Retro Synth and miniSynth, which both help you believe you currently live with the Pet Shop Boys. The drums were performed courtesy of the DigiDrummer Lite app.

But enough about the technology. See whether you think, as I do, that the women sound really rather good, but could work a little on their stagecraft.

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