Bam-tastic: A real-life returning Batman batarang boomerang

A boomerang craftsman turns his skills to fashioning a real batarang that comes back when you throw it.

This batarang will come back to you. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Victor Poulin is a boomerang specialist. Not surprisingly, people have been asking him to make a batarang for a long time. He finally broke down and did it. There have been many fan-made batarangs throughout Batman history, but Poulin's has the advantage of really working. It comes back, provided you have some basic boomerang-throwing skills.

Poulin has crafted a couple different sizes of batarangs. The big daddy is more than 25 inches wide. The smaller version is about half that size. They are currently only available in right-hand throwing models, but he plans to make a version for lefties. Special orders of the smaller batarang can be placed for $55.

Each batarang is made from 10-ply birch. Poulin videoed his first ever throw of the big batarang and it's a doozy. The beast flies away on a mission to take out evil-doers and returns like a faithful pup to his hand, catching some serious hang-time on the way.

At least Poulin's wood batarangs are a lot friendlier than armorer Tony Swatton's ax-sharp versions. Either way, the Joker better watch his back.

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