Ballistic's latest iPhone case bumps up protection (review)

Ballistic's LifeStyle Smooth series highlights the case-maker's signature "bumper" corners on a smooth-finish plastic case.

Ballistic LifeStyle Smooth case for iPhone
Cases comes with four different sets of bumpers, each with varying slightly in size. Josh Miller/CNET

There are several places where protective bumpers always belong: cars, children's bowling parties, and electronics cases.

Rubbery corners are a trademark feature in Ballistic's cases for a variety of smartphone makes and models. In its most recent line for the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Ballistic LifeStyle Smooth series , the case-maker brings the silicone inserts to a fairly fitted design for Apple's iconic phone.

How does the $30 case fare? Pretty well, actually. Check out the photos, the pros, and the cons in my full review of the Ballistic LifeStyle Smooth case , which will be available to purchase very soon.

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