<b>&quot;AppleVision failed to load&quot; error: a follow-up

&quot;AppleVision failed to load&quot; error: a follow-up

Regarding the reports last time of AppleVision users getting a message at startup that reads: "AppleVision failed to load completely with error 0X000088F9," particularly after updating to Mac OS 7.6.1 and/or AppleVision 1.5.2 software, I have gotten several follow-up items:

a. This issue was raised on Apple's Displays Discussion Forum and Apple offered the following reply: "You can fix that error by restarting and holding down Command-Option-A-V. Keep it held down until you get to the Finder. This should at least allow the display to be recognized as an AppleVision display." I had not heard about this keyboard combo before. If any one knows more about it, please let me know. (Thanks, Friedemann Wachsmuth.)

b. Sajid Martin writes that the problem did not occur on his setup until after he selected 1710-9300 as his ColorSync profile.

c. Steve Wilhelm claims that trashing Display Preferences and the AppleVision Preferences folder in the Preferences folder cleared up the problem for him.

d. And one user claimed that installing AppleVision 1.5.2 got rid of the problem - rather than precipitating it.


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