Awkward timing for solid-gold USB drive

It's an 18-carat solid gold USB drive that screams, "Stock market, what stock market?"

Gold Pico-C drive
Super Talent goes for the gold. Super Talent Technology

Given the current economic climate, this may be the only USB drive that actually gets more valuable as time goes by. It's an 18-carat solid gold USB drive that screams, "Stock market dive, what stock market dive?"

The limited-edition drive from Super Talent Technology is a member of the Pico-C line, which is water-resistant and supports data transfer speeds up to 30MBps. The $599 bit of storage swankness comes with an 18-carat solid gold keychain and a serialized certificate of authenticity. It's wrapped in a black velvet jewelry box, and text or a logo can be etched onto the device at no charge.

The 8GB drive is available only on a preorder basis for a limited time, with three to four weeks lead time. Super Talent calls it a rare collector's item that would make an eloquent corporate bribe gift.

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