AutoStart worm news of the day

AutoStart worm news of the day

We have gotten several more reports of the AutoStart worm spreading in the U.S., particularly in California. Make sure you have a utility that can check for it. If you don't have a commercial anti-virus utility (updated to detect this problem), get one of the freeware specialists - such as WormFood or the newly released WormScanner. Note: WormScanner cannot look inside of unmounted disk images, and will not run on Macs that use the original 68000 processor.

Finally, here's an interesting note from the Macintosh Weekly Journal: "The AutoStart 9805-C mutant seems to be the antibody (tovariants A and B) - it creates files named 'DELDB' and 'DELDesktop Print Spooler,' replaces both other versions with itself, doesn't try to damage any files, and after June 8 will attempt to delete itself and all other wormvariants." A helpful worm?

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