Auto-sorting apps on your jailbroken iPhone

Apple isn't moving fast enough to provide better ways of sorting apps on the iPhone, so developers are stepping in to offer their own solutions.

Do you consider the iPhone's app-sorting option tedious? Tired of fussing with app sorting in iTunes 9 because the number of apps you have exceeds the display capacity of your iPhone? If you answer yes to either of these questions and you are using a jailbroken iPhone, keep reading.

According to a iClarified, you might want to take a look at SpringSorter, an app currently available in the Cydia store for $1.99.

SpringSorter iClarified

SpringSorter takes a different approach to app arranging by automatically sorting your Springboard icon layout, placing the apps you use most first. It also offers lets you do the following:

  • Sort app icons by the page or globally.
  • Like how a page is sorted? Lock it to prevent it from being rearranged.
  • Back up all the icon layouts on Springboard pages and restore them later if needed.
  • Tweak settings to determine the amount of usage required before an app is moved.
  • Perform the apps tasks either on-demand or manually.

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