Audio slideshow: Moving forward with Halted

In this audio slideshow, take a virtual tour of the Silicon Valley electronics surplus store that's DIY heaven.

For almost 50 years, whenever Silicon Valley's budding entrepreneurs, engineers, and start-ups have needed parts for their latest electronics innovations, they've turned to the eclectic electronics surplus superstore, HSC Electronics--also known as Halted--to power their inventions.

Tech pioneers like Apple's Steve Wozniak, Atari's Nolan Bushnell, Intel's Ted Hoff, who helped develop the microprocessor, have all searched through Halted's vast inventory in search of the capacitors, inductors, wires, and transistors to bring their ideas to life.

Like the creative minds that have come here in search of success, the long shelves and deep boxes are a chaotic mix of enterprising history and wild imagination. Step inside the DIY heaven that is Halted.

About the author

James Martin is the staff photographer at CNET News, covering the geeks and gadgets of Silicon Valley. When he's not live-blogging the latest product launches from Apple, Google, or Facebook, James can be found exploring NASA, probing robotics labs, and getting behind-the-scenes with some of the Bay Area's most innovative thinkers.


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