Audi shows its guts

German automaker's hatchet job of 1925 original into showpiece cutaway model is finally complete.

Audi's cutaway restoration of the 1925 Audi Type M is complete, Audi announced Thursday.

The unusual restoration of Audi's first six-cylinder car, which Audi commissioned the German company Fahrzeugrestaurierung Rosenow to turn into a cutaway model, took about 4,500 hours to complete over an almost four-year period.

"Half the car is double the work," Peter Spillner, the owner of Fahrzeugrestaurierung Rosenow, said in a statement.

The car's transformation is significant because it's highly unusual for a car as rare as this one--with only four known surviving models left in the world--to be offered up as a cutaway model. Audi said it had it done because it wanted people to be able to see the car's technology. Luckily, that included leaving the car's 70 horsepower engine intact.

The Audi Type M, which has wooden and metal body panels, was first shown to the world at the Berlin Motor Show in December 1924, according to Audi. One of its unique features, compared with other new cars at the time, was that it had four-wheel mechanical/hydraulic brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers.

The car will be on display in the Audi museum mobile at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Audi's 1925 Type M
Audi's 1925 Type M Audi
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