Audi A4 photos show bling LEDs

Audi's new A4 comes with optional LED daylights, turbo-charged diesel.

Audi has released photos and some spec info on its new A4, which will officially debut at the 2008 Frankfurt auto show in September.

Most notable to tech enthusiasts may be the optional xenon headlights that include 14 LED lights. These are "daytime driving lights," aka LED bling, for your car. Audi refers to them as "wings." I think they look more like eyelashes. You can see what they look liked turned on below.

As for the goodies for the driver who's into automation, the new A4 will include lane departure warning, blind spot detection and adaptive cruise control.

The A4 also has a an electro-mechanical parking/emergency brake button in lieu of a parking brake lever. With more room in that area, Audi offers an armrest with two 12-Volt power sockets beneath it as an extra. A new radio-operated key can store car settings, lock and unlock the car, and start the ignition with a button push.

Audi A4 Silver
Audi A4 in Silver with LED headlights Audi

Audi A4 Interior
Audi A4 Interior Audi

The car will come with five different engine options, including a turbo-charged diesel , in keeping with Audi's efforts to turn its Le Mans win into diesel cash . The A4's gas engine will also come in a turbo-charged version.

Audi A4 in Red
Audi A4 Audi

The transmissions available include a six-speed manual, an automatic and a multitronic continuously variable. You can also choose whether you want the A4 in front-wheel drive or Audi's "quattro" permanent all-wheel drive.

Audi A4 Red Front
Audi A4 Audi

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