ATI to introduce new TV tuner cards on Monday

ATI to introduce new TV tuner cards on Monday

ATI continues its sterling track record in the TV tuner card category with two new products the company will officially announce early next week. You'll have to wait until Monday to buy the ATI TV Wonder 650 or the ATI TV Wonder 200, but sharp-eyed readers have spotted both cards in the online catalogs of several PC hardware retailers, and BusinessWeek magazine just dropped a dime on the higher-end of the two cards, saying, "ATI's TV Wonder 650 card ($129) or its USB equivalent turns a PC into an entertainment powerhouse. Plug it in and you have a digital video recorder that can pause and rewind live TV, even HDTV."

We'll have full reviews of both cards next week, but in the meantime, you can check our review of the underlying technology, ATI's Theater 650 Pro chip. We looked at the Theater 650 Pro chip back in June and declared, "The new chip offers enough of a boost to image quality that TV-on-your-PC fans should give it a serious look."

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