AT&T, Verizon push back iPhone 5 ship dates

Sprint, though, doesn't seem to be having any supply issues so far.


Verizon Wireless and AT&T have pushed back shipment dates on iPhone 5 as pre-orders continue to pile up.

AT&T's Web site says every configuration of the iPhone 5 will ship in 14 to 21 business days, which means some orders could arrive as late as October. Verizon says the phone will be delivered on September 28.

The shipment delays follow similar messages found on Apple's own Web site. They underscore the continued demand and appeal of the iPhone 5, even if some critics have considered it a disappointing upgrade.

Sprint Nextel, however, isn't seeing any delays, and is promising an iPhone 5 by launch day next Friday.

The frenzy over the iPhone 5 will continue into next week, with Apple fanboys and gadget enthusiasts lining up at Apple and carrier stories to get their iPhone 5s.

The carriers should all see significant growth in device upgrades and new customer contracts signed as a result of the new iPhone. But they will also take a financial hit for the subsidies they pay to Apple.

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