AT&T: No vacation around the iPhone anniversary

The iPhone's U.S. carrier has reportedly blocked off a one-month period in which vacations are discouraged, most likely in preparation for the launch of iPhone 2.0.

It would be helpful if from now on, AT&T's HR department would just send their vacation policy e-mails directly to tech writers, since they're going to get out anyway and they pretty much apply to us as well.

The Boy Genius Report snagged an internal e-mail that made its way around AT&T earlier today instituting a vacation freeze for all sales employees between June 15 and July 15, in order to support "an exciting new promotion/product launch." Hmm, whatever could that be ?

A similar e-mail was sent to AT&T reps last year, blacking out vacation during the period around the launch of the first iPhone. The 3G version of the iPhone is widely expected to make its debut in mid-to-late-June , on or around the same time the iPhone 2.0 software is released.

It's not clear what Apple and AT&T have in mind for the one-year anniversary, but AT&T expects "heavier than normal customer traffic in our stores," according to the memo.

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