AT&T: Get your shared data plans August 23

AT&T's new shared data plans launch at the end of August.

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A few weeks ago, AT&T announced its intentions to follow Verizon with a new model of selling customers a pool of mobile data they can access across multiple devices. Today, AT&T stamps a date on the launch.

Starting August 23, AT&T customers can opt into the Mobile Share data plan, which will grant access from 1GB to 20GB per person or group. In addition to the GB -per-month cost, Mobile Share plans charge an access fee per device and see unlimited texts and voice minutes. The plans support as many as 10 devices per account.

Unlike Verizon's pioneering Share Everything plan , AT&T customers aren't required to sign on to the new plans when they upgrade their plans or sign new contracts.

AT&T's shared data plan table

You can calculate your data needs on AT&T's mobile data calculator. For more details, read our full rundown of AT&T's Mobile Share plans here.

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