AT&T doles out Jelly Bean update to Samsung Galaxy Note

Ma Bell has an Android 4.1.2 update ready to go for the first-generation phablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is AT&T's latest to see Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. CNET

AT&T announced on Friday that it's rolling out an Android 4.1.2 software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Jelly Bean update for the first-generation phablet will be installed through Windows and Mac computers via the Samsung Kies software application. Once complete, the Samsung Galaxy Note will register as Baseband version I717UCMD3.

Included in the Android 4.1.2 update are the standard Jelly Bean goodies: Google Now, richer notifications, and an enhanced keyboard. The handset also benefits from a premium suite of features and behaviors, like notes, videos, and browser windows that pop up on the screen in movable squares.

Owners of AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note can update the software by visiting from their PC starting May 3.

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