AT&T commits to HP TouchPad 4G

HP confirms plans to release a 4G-compatible version of the TouchPad tablet on AT&T.

HP TouchPad tablet
The HP TouchPad. Josh Miller

Today, HP announced its intention to bring a 4G-compatible version of the HP TouchPad tablet to AT&T.

Exact timing and pricing have yet to be determined, but HP was nice enough to tease some of the tablet's specs. Aside from being blessed with 4G networking, the TouchPad 4G will use a beefed-up 1.5GHz processor, and have 32GB of storage and integrated GPS.

HP's competition in the current 4G tablet space includes the HTC EVO View 4G, the T-Mobile/LG G-Slate, and the (hypothetically 4G) Motorola Xoom. Manufacturers have also announced intentions to build 4G versions of the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but those have yet to make it to the market.

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