AT&T backtracks on video ban--or does it?

Company calls a mistake a terms-of-service clause stating that users would be prohibited from watching non-AT&T video services on their AT&T devices.

Matt Hickey

Earlier Friday, we brought you news that AT&T had made some fairly narrowing changes to its terms-of-use policies for wireless data. One such change would prohibit users from watching non-AT&T video services, such as Hulu, on their AT&T devices. Users around the Internet, of course, didn't much care for the change.

Since the story broke, though, AT&T has sent out a message to blogs and news outlets saying that the video-streaming portion was an error that has been deleted. Great for you, AT&T. But a quick check shows that the language still remains on the terms-of-service page.

Hopefully an update will happen soon, and users can start using their Slingboxes (Slingboxen?) again.

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