AT&T shows two slim Samsungs

Samsung's SGH-A717 and SGH-A727 arrive at AT&T.

Samsung SGH-A717 CNET Networks

Earlier this month AT&T launched a pair of slim cell phones with the Samsung SGH-A717 and SGH-A727. Though neither handset has an entirely new design, the SGH-A717 looks like the Samsung SPH-M610 and the SGH-A727 resembles the Samsung SCH-R510, both offer slim profiles and sleek, black color schemes.

The SGH-A717 sports a flip phone design. It has a rotating camera lens and a brilliant internal display, but the external screen is tiny and the keypad buttons are rather flat. We liked the features, however, and its performance was satisfactory, for the most part. For more on the SGH-A717, check out our review and our slide show.

Samsung SGH-A727 CNET Networks

The SGH-A727 has a candy bar design that makes it one of the thinnest cell phones around. it also has a great feature set and a spiffy display, but we weren't in love with its controls and the call quality was disappointing. You can get the full scoop in our review or you can peruse our slide show.

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